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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Act for the planet – Earth day & Earth Hour

Why participate on earth friendly events? Because it is your home, it’s your families, your children, your future children, your dog, your cat, your fish… etcetera we all live on planet earth. Until we are able to live on another planet let’s try to love and appreciate our home.  

 Hope you all took part on earth hour that just recently passed this March 23, 2013. Earth Hour is a worldwide event organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature. To create awareness about the need to take action on climate changes by encouraging households and business to turn off their non-essential lights for one hour.  Since 2008, 35 countries around the world participating as official flagship and over 400 cities are supporting this great cause.

Next earth hour: March 29, 2014 8:30PM

Now what is earth day? Earth day is also a worldwide movement to demonstrate support for the environment protection. Held on April 22 of each year known as International Mother Earth Day. Earth day is celebrated by more than 192 counties and each year there is more eco-activist participating. If each of us could take on just one new, sustainable practice whether changing the light bulbs, turning down (or up) the thermostat, or parking the car and walking just think of the impact. And if we did this every day? Well, what a giant leap toward reducing our collective carbon footprint!

My eco friends please participate on making a difference on earth day April 22, 2013.


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