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Monday, February 25, 2013

Best Organic, Eco-Friendly Mascaras

Today’s post is dedicated to all the ladies who love using mascaras to show off their beautiful eyes.  As you may already know most beauty products in the market has tons of chemicals and throughout time it harms your skin, eyes and your overall health. After much research I have narrow it down to three. I have personally tested these three products to be able to give all of you the inside. 

Mascara by Josie Maran and Volume Mascara by Lavera
These two products I felt were the same. Both had great coverage, length and color. It goes on smoothly it does not clump. The down side is it’s not 100% organic but it claims to be natural; even containing iron oxides. The up side of it’s made with organic jojoba, wild rose oils, beeswax and is free of paraben and heavy metals. Now this makes me wonder if I even want to wear make-up, hope all natural comes to trend soon! Despite not being 100% organic great news for the vegans it is vegan-approved.  

Lash Masque by Lamas 
I have used this product before but it is not a mascara, this has a natural formula that helps you grew your lashes thick and longer. I would say that it works like a mousse, has no color but great natural look for the day.

Organic Mascara by Nvey
I saved the best for last! This is the most organic mascara in the market right now. It contains nettle, hosetail herb and vitamin B5. I am sad to say that this product works best only for thicker lashes because it takes several applications to go on and it does not enhance the longer appearance of your lashes, but over all this are the best choice.  

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Best Appliances for Your Home

Everyone is looking to “go green” these days, and a big part of this has to do with the fact that doing so will typically save a lot of money. The environment and the economy both being in relatively bad condition these days, people are focusing on saving money and protecting the planet. Many appliances that are used are very energy inefficient. Newer technologies, however, have allowed us to develop a lot of appliances that can power our homes without using an unnecessary amount of natural resources. If you’re looking to give your kitchen an environmentally-friendly upgrade, there are a lot of ways that you can go about doing so.

Dishwasher According to the Canadian Government, the dishwasher is the 5th heavy consumer of energy amongst household appliances. Your dishwasher uses a lot of water, especially if it’s an older model. Like many important home appliances, the dishwasher has come a long way in recent years, and is currently outfitted with a lot of advanced technology that helps it to be more energy efficient. Newer models have things like sensors that help make sure more water isn’t used than is necessary for the specific load of dishes.
Refrigerator – The refrigerator is typically the second-most energy inefficient appliance in most homes, after the heating and air conditioning system. Upgrading your fridge is a great idea. There are a ton of newer models that are a lot more energy efficient. It’s also smart to avoid buying a fridge that’s larger than what you need.
Convection Oven – Getting a convection oven installed in your kitchen is the best as they come with a variety of great benefits. For one thing, a convection oven will actually speed up the cooking process. Additionally, a convection oven uses about 30% to 50% less energy in the process.
Remember when making these large ticket items you must get the best that fits within your lifestyle and cost. The best eco-friendly and long term cost efficient are the Energy Star sticker appliances. So remember to look for the blue and white Energy Star sticker.  

Eco Friendly Green Living – Why live Eco-Friendly?

What if we all lived an eco-friendly green lifestyle?

Our ancestors did, so don’t think it is not possible.  Today most of our activities is harmful to our planet. We are quickly using up natural resources as trees, fossil fuels, clean water while we poison the ground with chemical fertilizers, garbage, herbicides, and factory waste. Things could be so different if we all unite and change our ways of living to live in a clean world not just for us but for our future children.
We don’t need to go live in a tent and pick berries. It won’t be easy but it must be done and creating awareness so others wake up to the serious issue that surrounds us. Eco green living is already gaining popularity and fashionable in some circles. From my research I have found most European countries has been incorporating this lifestyle and even had influential celebrities help out to get credibility. I believe that in North America we will start catching up and slowly make the transition to green living.

Please join me and so many others who are committed to living differently and making a change!

What we can do:
  •   Recycle
  •   Re-use
  •   Consider green alternatives
  •   Buy locally whenever possible
  •   Support real farming by eating organic foods
  •   Reduce waste
  •   Be careful with waste disposal
  •   Reduce usage of fossil fuels
  •   Buy products produced from sustainable sources
  •   Support ethical treatment of all animals
  •   Reduce use of toxic chemicals
  •   Explore and support alternative energy possibilities

Don’t forget to create awareness of this new trend and safe our planet!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mall kiosks give you cash for old electronics

Kiosk Manufactures are also thinking green by creating a new eco-friendly venture called EcoATM. This new kiosk is soon to be seen in most major North American malls.  This will allow users to recycle old cell phone and get paid in the process. The way it works is that user puts he’s/her old or unwanted cellular phone in the machine to scan. The machine has over 4,000 devises on its database that can be recognised from the scan and also it does a test to see the condition of the devise to determine the worth. The accuracy rate is claimed to be 98%.
 The pay may not be extensive but you don’t need to post sale ads on or to get rid of your unwanted handheld electronics. This makes your life easier, less time consuming and at the same time you are saving the world. Innovations as these kiosks have the potential to help keep toxic substances out of landfills and natural environments.
The company says it resells about 40% of the phones and melts down the others.
It doesn’t stop at cellular phones also MP3 players and cameras.
I have provided a video bellow to see how it works.