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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Solar Charger

My eco-friends this week is all about solar powered technology. Don’t you hate when your cellphone runs out of battery and you are nowhere by an outlet plug? Well I can say “story of my life” I have found a solution. I bought a phone solar charger. I got the Bamboo solar charger retail price at $35.00 from the Pacific Mall also known as the Asian Mall. You can find many interesting things there they always have the latest in technology.  So far the Bamboo is living up to the hype. The best thing is that it’s not just solar; you can plug it to your computer and charge. Then you have your charger on the go. Living in Canada we don’t get a strong sun light as we have a long winter but summer is right around the corner. I hope to use the solar aspect all summer. Simply the look of the Bamboo is eco-friendly the exterior is made out of bamboo that is where the name comes from an additional goodwill toward humanity.   It’s good for all smart phones and tablets boosting the battery up to 40%, any device with a B.Y.O USB cable. Before you buy any solar charger make sure you do your research not all live up to the hype. This product is ideal for the outdoor lovers so my eco friends enjoy it and stay eco.   


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