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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mall kiosks give you cash for old electronics

Kiosk Manufactures are also thinking green by creating a new eco-friendly venture called EcoATM. This new kiosk is soon to be seen in most major North American malls.  This will allow users to recycle old cell phone and get paid in the process. The way it works is that user puts he’s/her old or unwanted cellular phone in the machine to scan. The machine has over 4,000 devises on its database that can be recognised from the scan and also it does a test to see the condition of the devise to determine the worth. The accuracy rate is claimed to be 98%.
 The pay may not be extensive but you don’t need to post sale ads on or to get rid of your unwanted handheld electronics. This makes your life easier, less time consuming and at the same time you are saving the world. Innovations as these kiosks have the potential to help keep toxic substances out of landfills and natural environments.
The company says it resells about 40% of the phones and melts down the others.
It doesn’t stop at cellular phones also MP3 players and cameras.
I have provided a video bellow to see how it works.



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