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Monday, February 25, 2013

Best Organic, Eco-Friendly Mascaras

Today’s post is dedicated to all the ladies who love using mascaras to show off their beautiful eyes.  As you may already know most beauty products in the market has tons of chemicals and throughout time it harms your skin, eyes and your overall health. After much research I have narrow it down to three. I have personally tested these three products to be able to give all of you the inside. 

Mascara by Josie Maran and Volume Mascara by Lavera
These two products I felt were the same. Both had great coverage, length and color. It goes on smoothly it does not clump. The down side is it’s not 100% organic but it claims to be natural; even containing iron oxides. The up side of it’s made with organic jojoba, wild rose oils, beeswax and is free of paraben and heavy metals. Now this makes me wonder if I even want to wear make-up, hope all natural comes to trend soon! Despite not being 100% organic great news for the vegans it is vegan-approved.  

Lash Masque by Lamas 
I have used this product before but it is not a mascara, this has a natural formula that helps you grew your lashes thick and longer. I would say that it works like a mousse, has no color but great natural look for the day.

Organic Mascara by Nvey
I saved the best for last! This is the most organic mascara in the market right now. It contains nettle, hosetail herb and vitamin B5. I am sad to say that this product works best only for thicker lashes because it takes several applications to go on and it does not enhance the longer appearance of your lashes, but over all this are the best choice.  

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