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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Eco Friendly Green Living – Why live Eco-Friendly?

What if we all lived an eco-friendly green lifestyle?

Our ancestors did, so don’t think it is not possible.  Today most of our activities is harmful to our planet. We are quickly using up natural resources as trees, fossil fuels, clean water while we poison the ground with chemical fertilizers, garbage, herbicides, and factory waste. Things could be so different if we all unite and change our ways of living to live in a clean world not just for us but for our future children.
We don’t need to go live in a tent and pick berries. It won’t be easy but it must be done and creating awareness so others wake up to the serious issue that surrounds us. Eco green living is already gaining popularity and fashionable in some circles. From my research I have found most European countries has been incorporating this lifestyle and even had influential celebrities help out to get credibility. I believe that in North America we will start catching up and slowly make the transition to green living.

Please join me and so many others who are committed to living differently and making a change!

What we can do:
  •   Recycle
  •   Re-use
  •   Consider green alternatives
  •   Buy locally whenever possible
  •   Support real farming by eating organic foods
  •   Reduce waste
  •   Be careful with waste disposal
  •   Reduce usage of fossil fuels
  •   Buy products produced from sustainable sources
  •   Support ethical treatment of all animals
  •   Reduce use of toxic chemicals
  •   Explore and support alternative energy possibilities

Don’t forget to create awareness of this new trend and safe our planet!!



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